Pillars of Light | Jeremy Gardiner

For Paisnel Gallery (now The Nine British Art). This was the accompanying publication to a exhibition from Bath-based artist Jeremy Gardiner around the theme of the lighthouse. The artist explores the dramatic south west coastline of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, travelling from the islands of Lundy to Godrevy and on to the Isle of Wight.

This is reflected in the use of spot varnish details throughout the publication, which glint and catch the eye on the paper surface. The publication is wrapped in an unusual hard dust jacket that houses the DVD.

“The work you see here results from many 
hours spent on the coast, making meticulous
 line drawings, studying weather conditions 
at first hand and painting en plein-air. This is followed by many further hours in the studio, recollecting the moods and emotions felt in
 each place, translating them into colours, textures and shapes, layering and excavating 
the surface of each panel, shifting the elements in the composition until the result satisfies the eye. Jeremy has studied the histories of each lighthouse and spent time inside them, talking 
to their custodians, examining the optics and engineering.”

– Christiana Payne

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