Caption Comp Winner: @WEACREATIVE

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The marks are in and I’m pleased to announce after much debate and several glasses of wine…

“Two members of the Ski Chair Lift Phobia Society practise sitting close to the edge!” is the winner


Thanks to all the entries, we had a lot of fun. As no one guessed the location exactly, a spot prize, was awarded to @spalmerama, for his attempt to ‘tempt’ the judges with a topical MCFC joke about Tevez – however my team being Norwich meant it was still a tad too painful after the football lesson the other week. Still we beat Newcastle comfortably enough!

Alan Ward



RT @GaryJamesWriter: I'd love to do an excavation of #mcfc's old Hyde Rd site. Only tarmacced over. What lies beneath?…
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