Back in Focus: Jobs, Friends and Houses

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Jobs, Friends and Houses is a property development company that employs ex-offenders and ex-addicts who are in abstinent recovery to renovate derelict houses in the town. The properties are either sold on or rented to the recovery community.

The community interest company provides quality employment, stable accommodation and a hub of people committed to turning their lives around.

Len Grant worked with Bradley, Paul and Terry on a photography project – designed to build self-esteem.

As part of their project, I gave a morning workshop on how to edit, assemble and design a newspaper showing the work of the photographers, it was titled Back in Focus. Distributed as part of the outdoor exhibition in April at the Library and Art Gallery in Blackpool, it was blessed with good weather and created a great deal of interest on the street.

Axis is working with Len on developing a book that will follow the year-long story of Jobs, Friends and Houses through 2015-16. [AW]

The project was supported by LeftCoast.






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