Virgn with a Memory: Sophia Al-Maria

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

The novelised version of Beretta’s script, Virgin with a Memory: The Exhibition Tie-in, is published to accompany the major new exhibition by Sophia at Cornerhouse, Manchester. This piece is predicated on Al-Maria’s idea that in today’s challenging environment for independent cinema, the only way to achieve an unadulterated director’s cut of a film is to write it as a novel, making it the director’s sole property. Darker and more introspective than the medium of film allows, the novel is written from the perspective of Suad and interspersed with entries from Al-Maria’s production diary. It also features production research, emails, budgets, kit-lists, schedules, sketches, storyboards, headshots and excerpts from the shooting script. [Cornerhouse]

Available here

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