Re Gen Mcr: 30 years of storytelling | Len Grant

Re Gen Mcr: 30 years of storytelling | Len Grant


I’ve known Len for 24+ years of his 30 documenting Manchester, and been luck enough to collaborate on many publications. During COVID lockdown he settled on reviewing this period, and we produced this wonderful volume, certainly a highlight of a difficult year.  [AW]

From the back cover of the book:

For 30 years Len Grant has documented the changing face of Manchester and Salford. Through his photography, writing and, most recently, his sketches, he’s told stories of significant regeneration projects, from the construction of The Bridgewater Hall and The Lowry, to the beginnings of Mayfield’s revival.

His extensive archive includes the neighbourhood renewal of Hulme, east Manchester and the creation of New Islington. His diverse storytelling extends from showcasing the heroic to giving voice to the most vulnerable.

In over 25 books and exhibitions, Len has told the story of a city shrugging off its industrial past and embracing an industrious future. Now, in Regeneration Manchester, he brings it all together in one volume. This is his story of three decades of creativity.

You can order Regeneration Manchester, 30 years of storytelling here.