Telling the fractures | Helen Tookey

Telling the fractures | Helen Tookey


“The title of this collaboration between poet and photographer comes from the poem ‘Confessional’. A mother tells her sleeping child how the perfect, single love of pregnancy has given way in ‘the dyad dark’ to something profound and volatile, the recognition of separateness. Supplementing images of separation, breakage, the pain and waste wrought by time’s passing, are sharp photographs of things once home or part of the piety of home, sundered, discarded, perishing. These two forms of recognition combine to acknowledge, accept and transcend the facts they witness to. There is something of ‘the pure grace of dream’ in the beauty of the acceptance that takes place in a set of templates that will be differently real to each reader, and harshly beautiful to every reader.”

Michael Schmidt, Professor of Poetry, University of Glasgow

“This is a fine collaboration. Both poems and photographs are cropped and angled in surprising and distinctive ways that combine feeling, perception and sharp intelligence.”

Jeffrey Wainwright

Printed as an edition of 500
ISBN 978-0-9554825-2-6
32pp dimensions 240mm x 165mm portrait format


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