Mark Titchner | Insite Arts

Mark Titchner | Insite Arts


Live the Life that You Dream commissioned and published by InSite Arts, documents the contemporary installations by artist Mark Titchner, installed in One St Peters Square, Manchester.

The artworks were commissioned by Argent, Glenn Howell Architects and on-site art consultants InSite Arts, the works employ multi-layered gold and silver acrylic extracts of text, adapted from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden 1984 and a pamphlet published post Peterloo in 1819, The Political House that Jack built.

Design, photography and print management: Axis
Essay: Simon Grennan
Print: De Coker, Antwerp

Mark Titchner was appointed to work with Glenn Howells architects to develop a work of art for the main reception area of One St Peter’s Square. Mark created two interrelated artworks Live The Life That You Imagine and Dream After Dream After Dream, both make significant interventions in the new building’s reception area whilst also being highly visible from the street.

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